The fashion trends for each season are not limited to the style of dress – gynaikeia royxa . Also important are the nuances that will prevail. That’s why the famous fashion houses, along with the fashion trends for the Spring / Summer 2020 season , also presented the colours to wear the most.

So if you’re wondering what the top colour trends will be, check out the list below!

Classic Blue, the premier colour of 2020

The list of top colours for Spring and Summer 2020 could not miss the colour of the year that is none other than Classic Blue . This classic and deep blue tone reminiscent of sapphire, has the same elegance and luxury as a gemstone.

Blue tones such as Mosaic Blue, Heritage Blue and Faded Denim

One of the most beautiful spring and summer blue tones is that of Mosaic Blue. This colour is quite vibrant and vivid, reminiscent of the clear blue sky of the time.

But equally impressive is Heritage Blue, which also replicates the vibrant blue sky. Its chilly tone contrasts with the other warm blue colours of the Spring / Summer 2020 season.

But the blue shade that will make the difference this season is the Faded Denim. The shade of faded jeans – ΓΥΝΑΙΚΕΙΑ ΠΑΝΤΕΛΟΝΙΑ DENIM – is cool and slightly hazy for the season, but will be worn much more than fabrics other than jeans. Combine it with all colours as you would with your classic jeans.

Dark blue shades (Blueberry and Navy Blazer)

If you prefer the darker shades of blue, the timeless and beloved navy as well as the blueberry colour will be a must. These are two similar colours of the Spring / Summer 2020 season with a slight tonal difference that is equally elegant and serious.

The deep dark blueberry is essentially a midnight blue shade that exudes mystery. On the other hand, the Navy Blazer is quite dark and approaching black.

Gold has been honoured this season

A glamorous and shimmering colour that we will see not only in clothes but also in Spring and Summer bagsis gold.

This metallic shade catches the eye and makes every woman look dazzling. Whether it’s a whole gold outfit or a few touches of accessories – ΓΥΝΑΙΚΕΙΑ ΑΞΕΣΟΥΑΡ -, the result is just as magical.

Neutral and earthy colours for Spring / Summer 2020 season

In addition to the vibrant and striking colours of the season. Some neutral or earthy tones of white, beige, brown and green will be worn.

So if you are wondering which particular shades will dominate fashion, the list below will solve your question.

Classic Blue, the premier colour of 2020

The list of top colours for Spring and Summer 2020 could not miss the colour of the year that is none other than Classic Blue . This classic and deep blue tone reminiscent of sapphire, has the same elegance and luxury as a gemstone. White has its honour at this time. They are one of the most timeless choices in spring and summer clothing. So it could not be on the list of top neutral colours for Spring and Summer 2020.

If all white is not to your liking or just looking for an alternative shade, try Blanc de Blanc. The slightly creamy colour is just as impressive as the white. It combines easily and exudes elegance!

Lighter shades of gray such as ash / ash and Oyster Mushroom

One of the beautiful neutral colours of the season that flatters the skin with cool tones is ash. This shade of gray with minimal purple tones can make your spring and summer appearances very impressive.

Oyster Mushroom on the other hand is a lighter and cooler shade of gray. It can look sleek or dynamic depending on the combination you make.

Beige colours like Cuban Sand and Lark

Beige colours are also a very neutral choice for the season. So this year, Cuban Sand will be heavily worn. A light brown shade that matches amazingly with almost all the colours on the list.

Also top for this season will be the dark beige or light brown, known as Lark. This warmer and more neutral tone fits well with the hippie dresses, but also with the wardrobes that have a prominent place in the spring wardrobe.

Brown and red tones such as Cinnamon Stick, Bossa Nova and Rose Brown

Although generally brown in all its shades to Autumn, these three colours will have a dominant role in the Spring / Summer season. These are 3 shades of reddish brown. In particular, the Cinnamon Stick, that is, cinnamon coffee, has a sweet and vibrant hue that can work as a neutral colour. It matches amazingly with the pink shades of coral and blush.

Similarly, Bossa Nova, a shade more red than the cane that is very reminiscent of wine colour, will be worn just as much these months. Lastly, Rose Brown is essentially a slimy burgundy, warm tone.

Green colours like Chive, Peanut (Pistachio Green) and Darker Storm

From the peanut to the colour of the chives, the green will be worn too this season. But the shades that stand out are three. Chive is a slightly darker green colour than khaki. This particular warm and deep green colour is darker. If you still prefer the lighter pastel colours, then this year you can invest in pistachio. This shade that resembles pistachio ice cream is ideal for this warm time of year.

The darkest green of the season has blue tones and is called Storm. It is an elegant and sophisticated shade. Reminiscent of jewellery and will be worn by most of the older ladies, without it being absolute.

So here are the top colours for the Spring / Summer 2020 season. Wear them confidently, individually or in combination, and create stylish dresses for your everyday and evening appearances!

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