12 answers to the mystery of “Female orgasm”

An escort answers 12 hot questions about the SOS chapter “Female Orgasm“. Are you going to get sexually explicit?

Dark matter, reincarnation, life on other planets. Female orgasm for many years had a decent place there, in the pantheon of the great mysteries, as there were few men who could confirm its existence, and to this day there are some who question it (heretics, do not matter).

The reality is that not only does it exist, but after dozens of scientific studies and thousands of happy animals, you can get a clear idea of ​​what it is and how you can challenge it to a (lucky) woman. We made the related gallop to the male audience, collected 20 hot questions and answered them as simply and intelligently as possible. Because getting wiser than this text is for the benefit of all of us.

Disclaimer: “what your orgasm cares about / how much we care” style jokes are discarded. Anyone who is not interested in female enjoyment can leave this page and go to seduce women who will never be satisfied (not that they will be given the chance, anyway).

Anyone who doesn’t care because he thinks he “knows” is devoted to answer # 9.

1. What is it like to get into an orgasm?

Merilyn Monroe once said to her psychologist: “All these years I haven’t had one… what a lost year. How do I describe to you, being a man, how is it to be a woman? Think of a lamp with a volume switch. As you light it, the lamp becomes brighter, then brighter and brighter, until it finally shines a bright light and is fully lit. So good. ”

2. What happens during a woman’s orgasm?

There is no centimeter of our body left unattended. Inevitably, we clench muscle muscles in our hands, feet, and face with the familiar ridiculous “sex expressions” (much like pain expressions). Breathing speeds up and your heart rate can reach 180 / minute. Some women blush in different areas of their body. At peak time, lasting 3 to 15 seconds, the sexual tension is released and the vagina is contracted.

3. You forgot to mention that you are crying. You all shout, right?

If we starred in pants, yes, we all shout. Otherwise orgasm is not connected to our vocal cords and each one does what comes out of it naturally. In fact, many women hold their breath as they approach and when released they release tension with a deep breath or sigh. Groggies and scrolls are not standard in the process – although we always use them when we want to pretend.

4. How long does a woman want to orgasm?

In an excellent example of the subtle irony of nature, a woman needs about 20 ‘on average to orgasm, as opposed to a man who needs about 3′-4’. Fortunately, these 20’s include the preliminary ones – so use them to cover half the way.

5. Why do you find it so difficult with us when you say you can easily get orgasms on your own?

You because when you were rehearsing with your colleague how you were going to ask for a promotion you said it perfectly and when you got in front of the manager you finally said “do you want one or two sugars in the coffee?”

Stress if we like it, anxiety if we are good at sex, anxiety if we manage to come to orgasm. Your inability (or indifference – as you say) to satisfy us does not help the situation much. And that is how we leave the orgasms behind at home.

6. Admit it, some are just non-orgasmic

No objection, we admit it. For some women it is biologically impossible to orgasm. But they represent about 10%. That is, if you went with 10 women, we only accept for one thing that it was inorganic. The other 9, while you are reading these lines, succeed with someone else that you failed.

7. Is it true that women discover orgasm around 35?

Believe us, we play the orgasm from a very young age on our toes (literally). What science says is that the woman reaches her sexuality peak around 35, as opposed to the man in her mid-20s (another bad joke – thanks, nature).

The fact, however, is that as time goes on a woman learns better about her body and more easily orgasm, either because of this biological paradox or because of exercise. Our hair may be whitened, but at least we have something to look forward to.

8. Okay, I want to get her into an orgasm. What should I do;

Lots and nothing. That is to say, you have to get involved in practice don’t skip the preliminaries, don’t finish in 3′ and bend your head – we’ll analyse them below), but at the same time don’t seem to be trying too hard, because your expectation is blocking us and pushing us to pretend orgasm in order to reward (and save from your futile efforts).

Make her feel comfortable and patient. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t do it right away. Hugh Hefner himself has to say that the first woman to have an orgasm was one with whom she was locked up in a mountain shelter and – having nothing else to do – had sex six times a night.

9. Can I understand if a woman is experiencing orgasm?

No. Especially if you have sex with professional escorts Greece!

10. Does clitoris really play such an important role in orgasm?

Yes, we have said it thousands of times, our language has (and unfortunately not yours) hair. To understand its importance, think of the following simple: clitoris is the only place in the human body designed solely for pleasure. On the pleasure control panel, the clitoris is the big red button that flashes and writes PRESS BUTTON. Why do you insist on ignoring it?

11. Fine, clit, I’ll focus there. What should I do;

So clitoris is an extremely delicate point where you have to be gentle at first and more intense as time goes on. With your hands or tongue, start slowly and steadily stroking it left-right or making circular movements. What they say to write the alphabet in your own language or what you see on the pockets to mark the spot is stupid (ie they have fun but they don’t lead anywhere).

It is very important not to change the tempo or time because you will disassemble its owner. From the breath (and possibly the words) of the holder you can see if you are on the right track and have little to accelerate. He continued. More. Do not stop. Good luck.

12. I want to orgasm while I’m inside her

Congratulations on the next track. Technically this is done in the same way, as the vast majority of women having sex have a clitoral orgasm (but they also feel vaginal). In other words, the clitoris should always be friction-irritated, and this is usually done when it is on top (and controls its movement).

When you are above it and making sure that any penetration touches the base of your penis with that point. So the same rules apply here escorts Athens advice. Slowly, steadily, patiently, you push your body into it as you step inside it, trying to irritate it and praying for the best.

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